• Individual Pocketed Spring

    Individual Pocketed Spring responses to every movement independently
  • Hi-Performing Foam

    Hi-Performing Foam provides perfect support and promote weight distribution
  • Memory Foam

    "Memory foam provides great pressure relives and enhance" softer feels.
  • Soft Latex

    "Latex is a natural inhibitor of mold, dust mites, and an excellent " body support.
  • Profiling Foam

    The unique multi-zone system design to support every part of body of different weight to achieve the perfect balance.
  • Aero Flow Cover

    Aero flow cover provide superb air ventilaion, enhance microclimate temperaturer regulations, and minize sweating during sleep.
  • Soft Hand-Feel Mattress Cover

    Soft hand-feel covers stimulate relaxation.
  • Washable Mattress Cover

    Covers are easily removable and washable up to 40c degree.
  • Hygienic Treatment “SANIGUARD”

    "Exclusively Hygienic Treatment “SANIGUARD” reduces bacteria, "prevent mildew, and inhibits the reproduction of house" dust mites."