Discover the “Fresh Swedish” world of Hilding

Hilding has its roots in Hilding Anderssons Mobelfabrik AB in Bjarnum. The company was founded in 1939 by the man who gave his name to its beds. From the outset, the aim was to offer a bed that would provide a beneficial night’s sleep. Over the years, Hilding has become synonymous with advanced product development and expertise in the field of comfort in bed. Hilding combines Scandinavian sleep-comfort with first class quality at thanks to the large range included!

Sleep Hilding. Be fresh.



It is all about FRESHNESS.
The strength of the concept comes from a consequent and complete approach in optimizing the Hygienic characteristics of a mattress. The target is to tackle all components and external factors which might affect the freshness and cleanliness of the bed. The products of Hilding provide preventive features which minimize the hygienic affection of the bed. In addition to this complementary care options ensure cleanliness and freshness of the bed.


We believe that peaceful sleep depends on several key factors. We think about the best comfort, but also about healthy rest and effective sleep. Then, optimizing the hygienic characteristics of Hilding mattresses are deliver to you.

A part of prevention care, Hilding mattresses are designed to maximize air circulations in and out of mattress to ensure freshness, Hygienic, minimize odor, bacteria, and mold.

SANIGUARD reduces bacteria, prevent mildew and bad odor and inhibits the reproduction of house dust mites and other allergens. Saniguards is built on the biocide substance Zinc Pyrithione and does not contain any harmful substance and it is safe for people and environment.

Washable Cover
Breathable mattress cover helps to promote freshness and hygienic. Mattress cover is easily removed with zipper construction. Periodic washing helps to ensure cleanliness and stimulate healthy environment.